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Mrs. Ruhana Iqbal,

Bhabi’s Health and Beauty Clinic is a pioneer and a trend-setter in beauty care industry in Pakistan.

The burning ambition of Mrs. Ruhana Iqbal, the owner of ‘Bhabi’s” right from the beginning has been to enhance the prestige of the industry and to give it such dimension that beauty parlour owners, technicians and anybody at all connected with the industry could meet their counterparts in foreign countries on equal footing on the basis of their skill and technical knowledge.

Mrs. Ruhana Iqbal (Bhabi) was crowned by the beauticians of Karachi who thought that she had scaled new heights in her profession and as such they gave her the title “Mother of Beauticians”.

At the time when she stepped on the scene the academic side of beauty care industry was rather flimsy through her constant struggle she was instrumental in getting the syllabus of the Sindh Technical Board for beauticians revamped and upgraded at least once, she created a climate in which beauty parlour industry began to be seen in a very favorable light by all.

Mrs. Ruhana Iqbal (Bhabi) Beautician Education Cell for training up cosmeticians and beauty technicians has trained up thousands of technicians. After their training they opened up clinics and beauty parlours on their own in Karachi and other Pakistani cities. They opened up clinics also in Canada, USA, Gulf countries and Japan.

Mrs. Ruhana Iqbal (Bhabi) Introduced One day and a week Certificate training programs to upgrade and refresh the skills of beauticians. More then 100 lectures and grooming classes for different women clubs, schools, colleges and universities.

Health Awareness programs, seminars with different doctors, experts in fungal infections – acne care, hair care, importance of vitamin and beauty --- and any new development in the world in dermatology or beauty and hair care industries.
Mrs. Ruhana Iqbal (Bhabi) Bhabi’s offers certified courses in personal grooming, advance make up, advanced hair electrolysis and skin care. In addition it imparts physical training of yoga, aerobics, and other fitness program.

Mrs. Iqbal has represented Pakistan, as constitutionally-elected Chairman of (PHABA) the Pakistan hair & Beauty Association , along with her colleagues.
She also has the honors of taking group of beauticians from Pakistan for free education in hair & beauty to many countries.

She is spreading education and awareness through numerous programmes on different TV channels, Her presence on numerous TV channels is a routine feature, Bhabi’s reputation as the torch bearer in beauty care industry is well-deserved which you will be aware of in a few minutes from now.
Bhabi , by the grace of God , is determined to be the torch-bearer in health and Beauty Industry in Pakistan and to win more recognition at home and abroad for the country in all departments of health and beauty care.

Her vision is to make Beauty care industry in Pakistan a major industry offering employment opportunities to more and more people.

She has brought hope in the lives of thousands of people and she is constantly striving to make Pakistan a more beautiful country than it already is. Her message to all is to rise and shine.